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Southwest Community Library

The Southwest Community Library is proposed to be a 13,000 - 15,000 square foot building in the community of Rosenberg, to the southwest of the intersection of Bleams Road and Fischer Hallman Road. In October 2020, the Kitchener Public Library Board approved a Business Case with an estimated costing of $10.1M for the project.

The projected site is at the northwest corner of what will be Rosenberg Way and Abram Clemens Street. Design work is taking place in 2021, construction in 2022, with a potential opening timeline of 2023. 

Design work has started with architect mcCallumSather. The building will be a NetZero or Net Zero ready building, which will be one of the first public libraries with this designation in Canada.

Project Overview and Architectural Vision

An overview of the project including the architectural vision, landscape designs, and NetZero features is available for download in PDF format.

PDF iconDownload the project overview

Architect mcCallumSather is working with KPL to design the library. We want the Southwest Community Library to reflect the interests and passions of its community members, a dynamic awareness of local Indigenous history, and a commitment to sustainable buildings.

To the west of the library is parkland, a hydro corridor, and a planned future elementary school and community centre. Nearby trails will pass through and connect in the immediate area. The space surrounding the library is anticipated to function as a civic hub, for people enjoying a range of urban activities in the new Rosenberg community.


In June 2021, KPL and Spruce Lab consultants conducted a public community engagement workshop. We learned that community members want a space that is inspiring and welcoming; that they want to be able to take advantage of the outdoor areas surrounding the library and feel the natural world reflected indoors; they want child-friendly spaces, places to read and be quiet, and areas to congregate and meet with others. This echoed what community members said when we surveyed them about the project in summer of 2020.

In the fall, we will be holding an open house for the public to share the library design.

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Our goal for the Southwest Community Library is that it will be a Net Zero Energy building. This means we are striving for a highly energy-efficient building, which uses renewable energy sources to offset any carbon-emitting power that is consumed. We are exploring both geothermal and solar power as renewable energy options for the Southwest.

Libraries, by their nature, are a publicly-funded version of a sharing economy. Community use of books, movies, and digital equipment means more use over the product’s lifespan.

Sustainable features of the building are still under development, but will likely include solar panels, unique stormwater management, and a green roof.


Project Timeline


Projected Opening



Projected construction during mid-2022


Design Approval

Projected detailed design approval by winter 2021


Community Engagement

Community Engagement project led by Sprucelab in partnership with 4 Directions of Conservation Consulting


Design Work Begins

Design work commenced with architect mcCallumSather.