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Ready to shoot some hoops? Borrow a basketball from Country Hills Community Library!

Basketballs are available for 1-day loans only.

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How to borrow:

Basketballs can only be borrowed at Country Hills Community Library via curbside pickup. Call the library at 519-743-3558 when you arrive to confirm availability. You must have a library card to borrow a basketball.

You can also reserve a basketball up to 30 minutes in advance of pickup. To reserve, call 519-743-3558 to confirm availability before you leave home. Please be sure to bring your library card. Reservations will be held for a maximum of 30 minutes.

How to return:

Basketballs must be returned in-person to Country Hills Community Library during library hours of operation. Please call 519-743-3558 when you arrive and staff will retrieve the basketball.